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At the start of 2019 he began teaching Music Enrichment in the Early Learning School at Reddam House, Bondi. It was here that Nick discovered his love for sharing and teaching music to youngsters.

Each lesson is planned by Nick to encompass fun and engaging ways to teach children music; while slowly building on each other to teach fun songs and musical theory. He has a natural and authentic connection with the kids that enables him to encourage imagination and play while still learning.

How to Teach Piano to Kids
Nick Summerfield Music Teacher Sydney

Nick Summerfield

Nick is a singer-songwriter and self taught pianist who grew up in Wollongong, south of Sydney. He moved to Sydney 6 years ago after traveling to Los Angeles as a musician on a Talent Development Project to pursue a career as a writer & artist.

In that time Nick's music has been featured in film, placed in hit Australian TV show "Winners and Losers" and been selected as a finalist for an Independent Music Award.

Nick began playing piano at 15, started singing and writing from 16. He studied music theory and had vocal training at the Wollongong Conservatorium of Music prior to moving to Sydney. In the last few years he has trained vocally with Diana Rouvas and began study at Sydney's Conservatorium of Music before Covid 19.

Nick has taught piano to adults and children, but young toddlers was a welcomed and exciting change. Many kids have a natural liking to music and dance, and Nick feels it is his job to help build and encourage them to have a healthy relationship with music.

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